Thursday, 17 October 2019

Katie Robinson

Katie Robnson in her studio at 88 Commercial rd Helensville
Katie Robinson is a full time artist from Helensville with an enthusiastic passion for all her projects. She has sold and exhibited works in several galleries nationwide, and her commissioned pieces appear throughout the world. Katie brings her trademark street-grit style into the realms of contemporary accessible art, which sees collectors from all walks of life adding her work to their walls.

A wide range of references to pop culture old and new can frequently be seen in her collection, and her art often finds its way onto t shirts, skateboards, boxes and other found objects. She is the founder and manager of popular artist promotional project at Pink Noise, heartXart (her new project surrounding screen printing and art t shirts) and her personal website is a permanent display of her gutsy – sometimes irreverent – artwork.

An open studio / gallery, heartXart is open to the public to come and view her work. It is situated at 88 Commercial Road, Helensville in Auckland. Contact Katie for more details. Currently it is open by appointment only.

Katie Atkins

Artist @ heartXart + Katie Robinson
Stencils n' Screen Printing

mobile: 021 028 38013
address: Helensville
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