Sunday, 20 October 2019

Julie Nash -The Rock Dock

Julie Nash –The Rock Dock

The Rock Dock, 42 Mill Road.

Julie Nash collects and sources her own rocks and minerals from around New Zealand and overseas.

“I cut, shape, polish and set these stones into jewelry using a variety of techniques including silver solder, wire wrap, and sterling silver settings. I try to let the stone speak to me to show me how to reveal its beauty.” says Julie.

Her son Tora McKenzie is exploring shapes and creating experimental works in Pounamu, (NZ Nephrite Jade), NZ petrified wood and NZ Jasper in pendants and earrings.

Julie Nash’s partner Tony Cliffe makes hand-coin rings and works in pewter.

Julie’s studio will be open for ARTS in the VILLE Oct 26th and Oct 27th 2019.

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