Thursday, 10 October 2019

The Monday Art Group

Audrey Jenkins (short) Laurel North (red top) Wendy Fraser (rear) Annabel Brechelt (scarf) Elaine (red top) Front row: Lyn Chapman (pinny) & Norma Frazer (stripes) Absent from photo Jan Backhurst and Avon Aspden.

This is a group of long time artistic friends that meet each week for some humorous companionship to stimulate their artistic efforts.

The group have often featured in regional papers for their achievements at the Helensville
A & P Show and also at local exhibitions.

Collectively the group takes creative inspiration from colourful landscapes and the natural plant and animal life of here and abroad, replicated in most mediums on canvas, board and paper.

Audrey, Norma and Elaine are well known for their land and seascapes, many of New Zealand scenes.

Laurel, Lyn and Jan are adept at painting anything and everything that takes their imagination.

Wendy is clever at creating scenes in ink and paint while Annabel is a dab hand at native birds and exotic animals.

Avon’s interest is portraits and animals in pen & ink.

The Monday Art Group will be exhibiting in the Memorial Hall for ARTS in the VILLE Labour Weekend Oct 26th-28th 2019.

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