Thursday, 3 October 2019

Steven Valiere

After fifty plus years of international surfing, Steven Valiere doesn’t just know his subject
matter-he’s lived it every day of his life. A self-schooled artist with very little formal training,
Steven works in acrylics to create bold, multi-layered surfscapes celebrating the joy of carving
fades, gouging bottom turns, deep tube rides and sweeping aerials, done with the grace
of a Balinese dancer.  In Valiere’s mythical paradise of no contest, surf camps, or wet suits,
aborigines surf in a dream world-The Art of Surfing.
As a teenager in Southern California during the sixties, surfing was the driving force,
rock ‘n roll the heartbeat and art the soul that shaped Steven Valiere’s world. 
The North Shore of Oahu and Maui in the fall and winter of 1970 opened his mind
and eyes. The new places and faces stimulated a curiosity to expand his horizon.  
In early 1972 he boarded a plane to Peru, promising to return to college in a year
 but Stevens education was taking a different path.  Valiere’s odyssey took him to
some of the worlds most remote spots in an extraordinary adventure that most
surfers only dream of.  From Peru to Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia,
Fiji and uncharted villages of Papua New Guinea, Steven has surfed virgin tubes
of no name and no end.  
Steven’s work will be exhibited in the Hall at ARTS in the VILLE over Labour Weekend
October 26th-28th 2019.

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