Thursday, 29 August 2019

My name is Tom Sommerville. My passion is pottery. I live and work in Helensville. My brand is "Muddy Fingers" and you can find out more about my style at
When I really thought about it I realised that I loved making things, especially things that might be loved and cherished. As a consequence of this light-bulb moment I enrolled in a pottery class which changed everything. I met my wife while working in Tonga many years ago. When I lived there I spent as much time as possible snorkeling about the reefs. I loved those secret little worlds that were abuzz with life. Nowadays we have a joint passion for gardening. As a result of these two influences my work tends to be influenced by foliage, flowers, coral and fish.

"Muddy Fingers" will be in the Hall for ARTS IN THE VILLE over Labour Weekend October 26th-28th 2019.

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